theBRAND, theLAB and its History

theLAB brand is inspired by a labrador

The logo makes this very clear.
High-tech automation and green hotel functions are developed in a tech laboratory and enrolled in theLAB LIFESTYLE guest houses.

The abbreviation “theLAB” also stands for the LivinAfrica Box. This box is at the centre of our room automation and is nicely ’hidden’ in the rooms. Through theLAB room automation system, guests control functionalities in their room through buttons, switches or voice. This is a very novel concept in the guest house industry…

But what is most important to mention here, is that the brand is made around a special labrador, Einstein.
He was a character: an intelligent and very sweet dog, and everyone loved him.
Einstein was 16 years old (3/12/2018) when he left us, but we carry him all in our heart.

Jos Balk
(topDOG theLAB)

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